Bulk Head Connector
  • fuel tight electrical connector for intank pumps

Connector Tube
  • Stainless steel connector tube
  • We use no rubber lines in your fuel tank!
Walbro AN-6 Connector
  • Use on high pressure side of walbro pump into connector tube

Walbro AN-8 Connector
  • use to adapt walbro pump to AN-8 

Walbro 12mm Intake Fitting
  • Use to fit our intank filter sock on walbro pump
Bosh 18m to AN-8 Fitting
  • Use to adapt Bosch intake to AN-8 
  • We custom modify this fitting  to adapt to our intank filter sock ( call for details)
AN-6,8 & 10 Steel Weld Bungs
$5.00 each
  • adapt AN fitting anywhere you can weld it

$5.00 each
$5.00 each
Please call to place your order.