Map to the Springs
1. Take Barnes Road to Boone Road out to Highway 247.

2. Turn right (West) on Highway 247 and drive for 4.7 miles.

3. Turn right (North) on Swanee Road and drive for 3.3 miles.

NOTE: Your GPS will tell you to turn right on Cottonwood springs at 2.8 miles. Do Not turn right on Cottonwood Springs. Go straight past the abandoned house at 2.8 miles. See the map below for detail.
4. At 3.3 miles, turn right. drive for .9 miles. 

NOTE: Stay left on any side roads to follow the fence line.

5. At .9 miles, turn left on Pony Road. drive for roughly .4 miles, to the end of Pony Road.

6. At the intersection of Pony Road and Paddington Road, there will be an open gate in the fenceline on your left. Turn left and drive through the gate.

7. Drive straight along the perimeter road in the fenced property. You will see a building and the Alltech Container. Follow the perimeter road to the parking area at the building.